Social Support

Social Support

JSC "Pechorneftegazprom" pursues a policy of high social responsibility to its employees and their families, to the people in the regions where it operates, and to society as a whole. The Company implements a handful of large scale social welfare and charity projects intended to create safe and comfortable labor conditions, address housing issues, improve the living standards of employees and their families, provide professional training to the workers, support the veterans and retirees, and foster regional social and economic development.

Improving Working Standard

JSC "Pechorneftegazprom" is consistently focused on creating comfortable and safe working conditions to ensure maximum labor efficiency. To that end, the Company develops new recreation areas, maintains social infrastructure, and finances projects to enhance the comfort and safety of living. One of Verkhotursky’s top priorities in the social policy is ongoing development and improvement of its shift camps that currently accommodate thousands of employees. The Company has therefore adopted the Social and Production Standards for Shift Workers, and the Target Program to bring their living conditions into compliance with these standards. As a result of comprehensive infrastructure development activities the Company’s shift camps are changing drastically, with the old-style hostels being replaced with state-of-the-art and much more comfortable residential compounds, improving healthcare, broadening range of public services, and new sports and recreation facilities being constructed.

Healthcare and Healthy Lifestyle

Protection of employees’ health and promotion of healthy lifestyle are the essential priority of JSC "Pechorneftegazprom" ’s social policy, a major employer in Russia. The Company employees are annually subjected to medical checkups, they participate in activities related to prevention of infectious diseases during pre-epidemic period, they enjoy sanatorium-and-spa treatment, rehabilitation and health promotion benefits. Federal, regional and corporate health centers annually offer treatment and rehabilitation courses for dozens of thousands employees of Company,their family members, pensioners. Many corporate rehabilitation facilities (in Krasnodar Krai, Samara and Irkutsk Regions (Lake Baikal)) use unique natural medicinal features that are successfully applied for prevention and treatment of many occupational diseases. In 2014, new destinations were added to the rehabilitation programs for the employees – the resort of Varadero in Cuba and Crimean health resorts.


Providing Petroleum Services Since 2010

JSC "Pechorneftegazprom" actively engages in several exploration projects which enable the access to considerable prospective resources that will further assist the company’s long-term substantial development. The total prospective recoverable resources in valuable projects with the company involvement were calculated to the 25.7 bln barrels of oil equivalent at the end of 2017.

The company has various portfolios of high-quality oil and gas assets, which enhance the securing of sustainable cost-effective growth in the short, medium, and long term period. The ongoing development of the downstream segment is among the vital strategic priorities and operations of the company. The increments of efficient sales of better-quality and greater value-added products to end customers, the continuous upgrading and expanding of it refining and marketing infrastructure also boost the company abilities to supply and deliver quality products to end customers.

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